A pro-Hezbollah website wrongfully insinuating that MP Samy Gemayel was proud of his party's relationship with Israel during the 1975 war


Hezbollah’s Umma and Political Maronitism

On September 8, 2010, MP Samy Amine Gemayel expressed his opinion regarding historical facts, in which he esteemed the sacrifices of the
Christians Resistance of 1975-1990, and embraced the principles of the Lebanese Front. Immediately thereafter, Hezbollah’s officials
launched a despicable and menacing campaign against him accusing him of treason and blatantly calling for his prosecution.  A pro-
Hezbollah website went further palpably calling for Gemayel’s execution. It polled its visitors on the methods through which Gemayel
should be executed. Ironically, some suggested “hanging him on the noose,” others demanded “crucifying him on a pole,” and some called for
his execution in “public squares.”(i)  

Hezbollah’s approach to fighting its adversaries is sheer McCarthyism. However, going to the extent of polling the grassroots concerning
Gemayel’s execution is barbaric and stretches way beyond political rivalry. Nevertheless, calling for someone’s execution by the leadership
of a radical religious group means that the masses have been given the decree to obliterate that individual. Moreover, such methods have
been common practices, which preceded every political assassination in that part of the world.  Therefore, the important issue is that
whether the aforementioned website acting on orders from Hezbollah’s leadership, or was it a random act of hooligans and amateurs?
Hence, in order to shed light on such an important matter, one must examines the ideology of Hezbollah and the course of its action and
culture since its inception in Lebanon in 1982, by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards with the backing and patronage of the Syrian Ba’ath

Consequently, on February 16, 1985, the Lebanese El Safir Newspaper published an open letter from Hezbollah to the Lebanese people. The
letter included Hezbollah’s identity, ideology, and objectives, among other important issues. In regard to their ideology and objectives, the
letter confirmed the following:

    Let us put it truthfully: the sons of Hizhallah (Hezbollah) know who are their major enemies in the Middle East - the Phalanges,
    Israel, France and the US. The sons of our umma are now in a state of growing confrontation with them, and will remain so until
    the realization of the following three objectives:

    (a) to expel the Americans. The French and their allies definitely from Lebanon putting an end to any colonialist entity on our land;

    (b) to submit the Phalanges to a just power and bring them all to justice for the crimes they have perpetrated against Muslims and

    (c) to permit all the sons of our people to determine their future and to choose in all the liberty the form of government they desire.
    We call upon all of them to pick the option of Islamic government which, alone, is capable of guaranteeing justice and liberty for all.
    Only an Islamic regime can stop any further tentative attempts of imperialistic infiltration into our country.(iii)

It is well known that ideologies are fixed sets of ideas. They do not evolve nor can they be altered or modernized. This is especially true to
religious ideologies, unless there is divine intervention, which no one has witnessed any, yet, in Hezbollahstan. Thus, it is certain that
Hezbollah’s ideology remains intact although its leader Hasan Nasrallah gave a milder speech this past August 2010, in what observers
referred to as Hezbollah’s second manifesto. Furthermore, according to the course of its political speech and action, it has been evident that
Hezbollah’s leaders have been calling, possibly acting upon, the annihilation of the Kataeb Party and whoever is orbiting in their
atmosphere. On many occasions, its officials openly warned and promised that Political Maronitism will never come back. Such warnings
are indications of Hezbollah’s intentions to do whatever it takes, including assassinations, in order  to prevent the Kataeb and their allies,
which symbolize Political Maronitism from ruling Lebanon, again.  Thus, it is evident that Hezbollah’s main aim from attacking MP
Gemayel is to prevent the revival of the Christians political power in Lebanon for Hezbollah is well aware that such revival will diminish its
aspiration to overthrow the current regime in order to establish Wellayet ELFaqih. Notwithstanding, Hezbollah’s loathsome threats have
been broadened to include other Kataeb leaders i.e. MP Nadim Gemayel.  

On the other hand, observers have been wondering as to why such atrocious demands to prosecute “traitors” and Israeli “agents” have not
been applied toward spies that have been arrested, interrogated, and admitted to have been spying for Israel? Why Hezbollah shows less
enthusiasm and lack of similar eagerness to execute General Michael Aoun’s follower, retired brigadier general Fayez Karam who admitted
to providing Israel with information concerning Hezbollah and its leadership? Furthermore, why doesn't Hezbollah prosecute Aoun who
was aware of Karam’s spying activities(iv)  since at least 2006, and who was photographed with the Israelis back in the 1982 invasion of
Lebanon? Some believe that Hezbollah is not worried about Aoun simply since the latter does not have the interest or the power to revive
Political Maronitism. After all, Aoun has pledged full allegiance to the Islamic Revolution in Iran. On many occasions, he declared his
worldwide alliance with Hezbollah(v)  and he proclaimed himself to be the “guard” and the “protector” of the Iranian Revolution.(vi)  

It is no secret that Hezbollah has benefited tremendously from the political cover, which Aoun has provided for its leaders over the span of
at least 5 years. With Karam’s arrest, Hezbollah has tightened its grip around Aoun’s neck. Thus, Aoun now owes his freedom to Hezbollah,
and that will compel him to crawl down even lower in order to please his masters in Iran. Therefore, Hezbollah is not willing to lose such a
valuable mole within the Christian community in order to live up to its “principles” or lack thereof.

Having said all that, it is evident that Hezbollah’s barbaric demands for the execution and for the prosecution of MP Gemayel are not the
random acts of angry hooligans or juveniles, but rather a core aim of its religious ideology and that of its political objectives. Furthermore,
it is also evident that Hezbollah’s struggle is to exterminate whoever believes in free, democratic, and independent Lebanon.  Thus, the
struggle between Hezbollah and the Kataeb remains a wrestle between the ideology of Wellayet ELFaqih and the culture of death vs. the
ideology of eternal Lebanon and the culture of life and prosperity.  

Accordingly, it is time for the free Lebanese at home and abroad to acknowledge this reality and to rise up and fight for the preservation of
their roots, to strengthen their identity, and to protect their way of life. Furthermore, it is time for the United Nations (UN) to expand its
Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1701 to include all of Lebanon in order disarm Hezbollah and all other militias, especially the pro-
Syrian and Iranian ones. It is also way overdue for the US Congress to pass a legislation which will strengthen the Lebanese Government by
weakening Hezbollah through the blacklisting of the latter’s allies and supporters abroad.

In conclusion, Hezbollah’s malicious attacks against MP Gemayel are criminal acts, which require the immediate intervention of the General
Prosecutor. This, however, seems far-fetched due to fear of Hezbollah’s retaliation.  For that reason, we hold Hezbollah and Hasan
Nasrallah personally responsible for any harm that may happen to MP Gemayel and his colleagues.   

Pierre A. Maroun

September 22, 2010

Global Politician


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