By Fatina Salaheddine


I would just like to know….who exactly is running the country of Lebanon? Is it Hizbollah or the Lebanese Government?! How can we have Hizbollah
REPRESENTATIVES / POLITICIANS in our Lebanese Parliament – when their ‘leader’ is fighting for his own agenda in other country’s causes and issues?!

The first issue that should be pointed the finger at, is towards our Lebanese Government! They need to remove and stop engaging with this terrorist
organization, that for years has acquired illegal weapons, has its own political radicalized agenda, and apparently its own army – that is fighting and killing
Lebanese citizens, and even against the Lebanese Army- and on its own soil?! What the hell!?

The ONLY VICTIMS in this madness & instability taking place currently in Lebanon are the soldiers and the citizens of Lebanon. Innocently caught in this evil
and destructive power-struggle of sheikhs. Sheikhs who in my strong opinion – should be stripped of their rags they wear on their heads – as they have
hijacked a respected religion with their positions as Sheikhs to influence followers, inciting hate and violence. This latest battle in Saida is not a Fitna between
Sunni’s and Shia’s in Lebanon – as much as this ‘Sheikh Asir & Sheikh Nasrallah would like all to believe. This is a damn power-struggle of religious extremists
who (Ustakhfir’Allah) think that by being Sheikhs – that they have a ‘higher position / a closer ear to God’ – and therefore have a God-given right to manipulate
people’s minds into thinking that their words of violence and fighting is ‘The word of God’.

Is FAITH that easily manipulated? What is going on? Where is the smart intelligent college-educated, tri-lingual, well-travelled Lebanese? The Lebanese that love
life – and love to live it to the fullest? Are you this easily influenced – by these manipulators of Faith? That all they have to do is lie and say we are fighting Syria’
s battle – or in the name of your God, follow me and do as I say…. And you follow in violence under the influence of these religious fanatics? Have you lost your
damned minds?

WAKE-UP LEBANESE PEOPLE! STOP following and listening to these extremists. Religion has no place in Politics. If these evil power-hungry extremists were
true ‘Sheikhs’ – they would be praying in their mosques, and reciting the peaceful words of God from the Holy Koran to fill the hearts and minds of the
believers with peace. If they were true humble Sheikhs, they would be holding hands and bringing together people of ALL FAITHS – not lining up followers and
arming them with weapons to go kill each other! Instead; we have this Sheikh Asir using his armed followers towards violence and then he himself flees scared
and hiding – and we have this Sheikh Nasrallah hiding underground sending messages to people via videos, as he commands his armed army of Hizbollah men
for attack. What the hell people. Wake-up! Where is your destiny? Where is your future? Have you not learned from the 17-year Lebanese Civil-war! (May it be
only remembered and NEVER repeated Ya Rab).
WAKE-UP LEBANESE PEOPLE! Support our Lebanese Army. These Lebanese citizens (from ALL religious backgrounds) are the ONLY BACKBONE &
PROTECTION that provide security and safety for Lebanon’s stability. If the Army is not supported and it breaks – so will Lebanon’s stability (God-forbid).

I wish the Lebanese Media in particular would stop covering and giving airtime to these fanatics. I was watching for some time the ‘wasted air time’ that the
Lebanese Media gave to this supposed ‘sheikh’ Asir - just look at him! Would you even go to this guy for religious or personal issues? With his burning tires, and
bike riding and skiing in his dirty beard and thobe – what a JOKE! He doesn’t even belong in a Mosque for God’s sake. The Media, by covering him and his
antics – GAVE HIM the push to carry on with his behavior. (Ma’sada2k h7alo). And look what has happened. His extremist EGO got so big – that it went to battle
with another extremist in Lebanon, named Hizbollah. And it cost the precious lives of our innocent soldiers, while terrorizing our innocent Lebanese in Saida.

My message and wish to the Lebanese living in Lebanon – PLEASE WAKE-UP and take control of our Lebanese Government. Their needs to be questioning as to
why the Government consists of Hizbollah REPRESENTATIVES / POLITICIANS. Why are we respecting a terrorist organization with its own army -that is killing
Lebanese soldiers and fighting on Lebanese soil?! Responsibility must be taken. Who is responsible for this Government?!! Who is really running Lebanon?

I extend my sincere condolences to the lost lives of our fallen men in the Lebanese Army (Allah yirhamkon ya Rab). God bless your families in this time of
mourning. God bless our Lebanon and our dear city of Saida. One of the oldest and culturally rich and diverse cities in the world. The Sea Gateway and Fishing
Port in Lebanon, Saida was also one of the most important Phoenician cities. And today, it is known greatly for its delicious sweets, and is inhabited by even
sweeter people with the most generous of hearts. A coastal city that is very near and dear to me (as is the capital Beirut) – because Saida also bore one of my
grandmothers from ‘beyt al Baba’. What is happening in Lebanon today – did not start yesterday. It has been years of issues over issues that were not dealt
with directly when they first began – and I ask you Lebanese living in Lebanon to take charge and start asking this same question: WHO IS REALLY RUNNING