OCTOBER 13, 1990: The "Good Legacy of Michael Aoun
By Pierre Maroun

On October 13, 1990, the Lebanese Republic, which was the first free,  pluralistic, and democratic state
in the greater Middle East region ceased to exist after the Syrian regime backed by Iran and their lackeys
attacked and occupied the Baabda Presidential Palace. Their main aim was to oust General Michael
Aoun who was the Prime Minister of an interim government appointed for a single mission-prepare for
the presidential elections.  To everyone’s surprise, the palace was already vacant and Aoun who
promised the world that he was the “last one to leave Lebanon” and that he was going to fight to death
with the “kitchen knife” was nowhere to be found. After the dust of the battle cleared, Aoun was found
hiding in the basement of the French embassy. It tunred out that once the Sukhoi fighter jets flew over
Baabda, Aoun contacted the French ambassador and secured his escape along with his two ministers
Issam Abou jamra and Edghar Maalouf leaving their soldier, and families, at the mercy of the invaders.
Monsieur Le General turned out to be Le géant De Papier-an alligator mouth with chicken legs (
) whose fiery yet baseless slogans of resistance and liberation drove the Lebanese adrenalin
high for months but only to fail to live up to his promises on the day of engagement, October 13,
destroying everything in the process.

For those who are too young to know Michael Aoun and for those whose memory suffers from amnesia,
here’s what you need to know from Aoun’s biography in brief. After his infamous AWOL from the
Lebanese Army on October 13, 1990, leaving his army commanders and soldiers to be slaughtered by
the Syrian invaders while he ran away and hid at the basement of the French Embassy, Aoun was
transported to France after he announced his humiliating surrender to the enemies. (General was a rank
to which he was promoted due to Syrian’s pressure on the Lebanese President back in 1984) Later on,
Aoun sought and received political asylum after he promised that he was not to play politics from
France. Thereafter, he spent 15 years in a fancy neighborhood in Paris.  While AWOL is a serious crime
in any given army, AWOLING during war is a deadly sin, to say the least, punished by imprisonment and
dishonorable discharge. Hence, one might believe that this is Aoun’s darkest and most dishonorable
legacy.  However, what Aoun have been doing since that sad and dark date will make October 13, his
“good” legacy in comparison.

During his vacation in Paris, instead of reflecting on his historic mistakes and the horrifying crimes he
committed against the Lebanese people during his two-year tenure (1988-1990), Aoun continued playing
his favorite game of manipulating the Lebanese people and distorting truth and history. Furthermore, he
knew how to cover up his defeat and blunders by playing the patriotic victim.  Unfortunately, many fell
for him, for he is one of the best actors and a demagogue dictator the world has ever seen. Thus,
instead of holding him accountable for his failure to respect the institutions of the country, and for his
crimes against the people by hanging him in Public Square, the good yet desperate Lebanese gathered
around him and supported his phony claims and fancy slogans-Freedom, Sovereignty, and independence.
To his luck, such accountability exists only in developed countries. Therefore, Aoun has gotten away
with his crimes of documented theft and for his crimes against his people, both military and civilians. In
fact, Aoun was not even held accountable as a military leader, and or as a politician whose unsystematic
actions, to say the least, resulted in defeating the Lebanese resistance, and in the loss of everything
which was established or gained since the beginning of the 1975 war, or since independence of 1943.
He brought free and independent Lebanon to its knees placing it under the occupation of the criminal
Syrian Baath regime.

In other words, Aoun handed over to Syria all of the Lebanese resistance victories and achievements, for
which young men and women fought for decades sacrificing their lives in the process. Such absolute
defeat could have happened only if the decision maker, Aoun in this case, was and still is a traitor and a
collaborator. When faced with this humiliating reality, Aoun replied” “who would’ve guaranteed that I
would stay alive on that day?” (No one asked Aoun whether the soldiers he left behind fighting his
senseless war have had any guarantees.)

Furthermore, when Aoun ran away from Baabda Palace to the French embassy on October 13, leaving his
soldiers to die alone, he made sure that he left no one standing behind. Instead of informing his
commanders to surrender, he rather left them fight to death. In fact, in his two devastating years in
reign, Aoun made sure that everything in the country was destroyed from the Lebanese Army, to the
Lebanese Forces, and to all government institutions, as well. There was absolutely nothing left on which
others can pick up the pieces in order to rebuild a nation, or a resistance, or even a community. He
destroyed everything. Such ruthless crime deserves nothing less than the noose in a public square, but
to Aoun’s luck, that, too, only happens in countries, which practice accountability and sound judgment.
The irony in this situation is that Aoun has the nerve to speak of victories, honor, and accountability.

Fifteen years later, the “savior” of the Lebanese people in general and the Christians in particular has
returned home for a second round of destruction. He came back after striking a deal, which would
guarantee his safety as long as he re-destroy whatever was built in the last 15 years in Lebanon from
civil infrastructure, to government institutions, and to national community. It is the same new/old
mission from the same new/old master-Syria. He returned on a white horse with the justice sword in his
hand. At least that’s how he tried to portray himself when he compared himself to Napolon. Ironically, to
the astonishment of, both, the sane and the insane, the lambs he slaughtered 15 years earlier welcomed
him with open arms. However, it was he, the “savior,” who has the same attitude of a bothered king who
came out of his long siesta to save his people from the blunders of their own making, again. This old guy
had the nerve to play his old trick of intimidating the people and the media, which came to welcome him
home. The moment he landed at the airport he began spiting his poisonous insults to the people and to
the press shouting at them like a crazy runaway felon. It was that same press, which 15 years earlier he
harassed, sued, abused, and closed down.  In any civilized society, the press would have uncovered all
of his crimes and made sure that when he returns, he would land right in a prison cell where a criminal
belongs. Instead, the Lebanese media welcomed him at the airport and cheered his return-the return of
a dictator and an abuser of freedom of expression. What a pity!

Nevertheless, being the type that cannot survive without blood and chaos, Aoun immediately launched
his erratic attacks on his new enemies-the Cedar Revolution’s leaders, whose stand up to Syria and its
lackeys liberated Lebanon and made it possible for Aoun to return. Notwithstanding, Aoun was supposed
to be arrested by the Lebanese authorities at the airport and he was supposed to be handcuffed and
taken to jail for there was an arrest warrant issued by a Lebanese justice against him due to charges
related to his theft of public funds. However, an agreement sought between Aoun and his old/new ally
the Syrian regime via its appointed president, Emile Lahoud, through Karim Pakradoni and Lahoud’s son

suspended the arrest
warrant, on May 6, 2005, which prevented justice from being served. Accordingly,
on May 7, Aoun walked free on into the land, which he has betrayed 15 years earlier to be welcomed by
the people he slaughtered. Thus, the painful saga returns.   

Following the political maneuvering of Aoun since his return on May 7, 2005 is similar to watching a
suspense Hollywood movie. The spectator can never expect the next shot (sometimes literally.) For
example, after the renowned apology of Dr. Samir Geagea during the Lebanese Forces martyrs mass in
Jounieh, we heard many absurd comments and analysis from the pro Syrio-Iranian lackeys. Some, such
as Suleiman Frangieh, gave a medical diagnosis of Geagea’s personality affirming that Dr. Geagea
suffers from a “struggle within” due to what Frangieh diagnosed as a “split personality.” Only in
Lebanese politics a high school dropout would give a medical assessment of his rival, or patient in this
case, on LIVE TV.  Never mind “doctor” Frangieh’s medical diagnosis for his formal education won’t
qualify him to analyze the flavors of an ice cream cone, much less a psyche analysis. However, despite
the humor and the absurdity of Frangieh’s behavior, his “play” comes second to that of Aoun’s who was
astonished to the “poor” apology of Dr. Geagea. According to Aoun, Dr. Geagea has failed to follow the
“proper procedure in apologizing” for he was supposed to “name the people from which he was
apologizing and he was supposed to specify the crime for which he was apologizing.” In other words,
Aoun wanted Dr. Geagea to admit guilt while apologizing, but failed to do so. Therefore, he rejected his
apology in shape, as well as in substance. If this is not an insult to our intelligence, then what is?

Mr. Aoun hypocrisy is unmatched. While he is in no position to give lessons in “proper apologies,” he in
fact owes the nation a thousand apologies. To name a few, Aoun needs to apologize for:
a)        Turning his back on his soldiers and people on October, 13, 1990 when he launched a senseless
war, and  ran away to save himself;
b)        All the kidnapped and murdered soldiers and innocent citizens due to his foolish wars;
c)        Every Lebanese Army Lieutenant he arrested, abused, and imprisoned i.e. MP Aontoine Saad, only
because they opposed his destructive plans and crazy views;
d)        The families of the Lebanese Forces that were killed by Aoun’s war against them in order to
“unite the resistance,” yet, he does not apply the same theory for Hezbollah;
e)        Stealing people’s donations, which were given to fund the war of liberation and not to secure a
lavish life in Paris for him and his wife;
f)        Illegally transferring public funds to his wife’s name in Paris, France;
g)        His bombing of the UNESCO and the killing of innocent children, women, and elders;
h)        His coup d’état against March 14 people whose demonstrations liberated the country from the
Syrian occupation;
i)        His betrayal of the activists who created the Free Patriotic Movement;
j)        Turning against the principles for which the people have fought and died for 15 years;
k)        Abandoning his 2005 campaigning program, on which he was elected;
l)        Turning the FPM into a family business to support his son-in-laws, especially Jebran Bassil;
m)        Selling out the Christians trust by abandoning the call to establish a strong Lebanese state, but
instead he is supporting their arch enemy, Hezbollah and its weapons until the end of the Arab-Israeli
n)        Constantly disrespecting and  vulgarly attacking the Maronite Patriarch, physically in 1989;
o)        Scheming with the Syrians to weaken the church and the Christians in Lebanon;
p)        Cherishing and supporting Hassan Nasrallah whose main aim is to establish a Shiite state, and to
take over the districts of Jbail and Keserwan as stated in one of his speeches;
q)        Killing the Christians’ morals and values in our people by destroying our sacred principles, for
which our ancestors for fought centuries;
r)        Creating a hostile and chaotic atmosphere which weakened the Lebanese security agencies and
which empowered terrorists to bomb and kill innocent civilians and leaders of the Cedar Revolution;
s)        Being morally responsible, to say the least, for the assassination of Sheik Pierre Gemayel;
t)        Spreading rumors to deviate people’s attention from the real killers of MP Gemayel into making
them believe that a member of the March 14 group was behind the heinous crime;
u)        Using Hezbollah’s weapons to threaten and to intimidate his political rivals;
v)        Claiming victory of the May 7-8 horrendous and barbaric attack by Hezbollah/AMAL thugs against
Lebanese citizens;
w)        Becoming an ally of Syria which destroyed Lebanon, stole its wealth, and killed its people for
over 30 years;
x)        Being an ally of Iran which is using Lebanon as an arena to fight its own wars;
y)        Supporting Hezbollah’s arrogant and uncalculated war in 2006, which destroyed Lebanon’s
villages and infrastructure;
z)        Claiming victory of the 2006 senseless war, which killed over 1200 innocent Lebanese people;
Furthermore, Aoun also needs to provide explanations and to also apologize for:
aa)        Weam Wahab, Nasir Qandil and all the Syrian lackeys  since time has proved that he attacked
them from France not because of their allegiance to Syria at the expense of Lebanon but because he was
envious of their relationship with the Assad regime;
bb)        Not participating in any constructive plan or project for Lebanon, ever;
cc)        Destroying everything on which he was entrusted;
dd)        Making the Taef Accord of 1989, the only way for the Christians to end the blood bath in the
ee)        Being a poisonous mole which caused disintegration and destruction to all national political
parties, including the Lebanese Army, which he turned into a militia;
ff)        Accusing Prime Minister Saniora of theft, yet failing to provide solid evidence;
gg)        Threatening and intimidating the media and journalists;
hh)         Suing media outlets and reporters who oppose his political line and views;
ii)        Betraying Bashir Gemayel by allying himself with his killers-the SSNP;
jj)        Betraying all martyrs by paying tribute to Imad Mugheneyah’s grave on the 26th anniversary of
electing Bashir Gemayel a President of the republic of Lebanon;
kk)        Not paying tribute to martyr Dany chamoun who, according to his brother Dori, was killed
because of Aoun’s reckless actions;
ll)        Causing the assassination of President Rene Mouawad;
mm)        Disrespecting the family of martyr Samer Hana by portraying him as responsible for his own
assassination in order to protect the actual killers-Hezbollah;
nn)        Leaving his wife and daughter behind in Baabda Palace while he ran away to save his life, which
is, after all, the only thing that matters to such an egoist;
oo)        Using France to live in peace and dignity for 15 years, but only to attack its leaders after he
returned to Lebanon and after he became a syrio-Iranian puppet;
pp)        Betraying the good will of the United Sates and its Congress which opened its doors for him and
provided a podium to attack Syria, but only to turn against it after he returned to Lebanon and became a
Hezbollah lackey;
qq)        Destroying the image of Lebanon the beautiful, which Gibran Khalil, Fairuz, Charles Malik and
many other great legends have worked hard to bring to light, only to find Aoun promoting the culture of
hate and death by allying himself with the Iranian mullahs and Hezbollah;
rr)        God, for he cast doubts over His wisdom and the quality of His creations and by giving Him a bad
ss)        His own mother, for she certainly did not intend to give birth to such a harmful madman…

The list of his misconducts goes on and on, but these are only few crimes for which Aoun needs to
apologize. Last but not least, Aoun must apologize for misleading the people into believing that after its
withdrawal in May 2005, Syria’s intentions towards Lebanon have become “pure,” and that the Syrian
regime is innocent of the crimes and assassinations of the leaders of the Cedar Revolution.

Furthermore, Aoun is misleading the people regarding terrorism by diverting their attention from the
grave problem of Hezbollah as a state within the state by focusing on the few Salafis in northern
Lebanon, which are planted there by the Syrian Mukhabarat and which take orders from the Syrian
security officials and from Hezbollah as well. Hasan Nasrallah’s warning to the Lebanese Army, during
its war on Nahr el Bared camp which hosted Fateh al-Islam and Shaker Abssi, that defeating camp was a
“red line” is nothing but a clear evidence of their “cozy” relationship.  Thus, when the Army refused to
back down, Hezbollah assassinated the two officials responsible for defeating the terrorists; Lieutenant
General François Hage and Lieutenant Wisam Eid of the Internal Security Forces.

Notwithstanding, Naher El_Bared camp was a “Red Line” to Hezbollah for they wanted to use its
terrorists to destabilize the north at the request of the Syrian regime, which wanted to portray northern
Lebanon as a haven for terrorism similar to Qandahar. Consequently, such role was transferred to
Hezbollah’s elements positioned in Jabal Mohsen. However, they failed to achieve the aspired results,
which is a full scale war that would require the involvement of the Syrian troops to restore law and
order. This plan failed due to the fact that the terrorists in Naher el Bared were destroyed and the
elements related to Hezbollah did not have the manpower to execute the mission. Since Aoun
announced many times that his support to Hezbollah was global and comprehensive, then it is logical to
assume that he is guilty by association, not to say that he is an accomplice to Hezbollah, which
committed crimes against the people of Tripoli, the Lebanese Army, and the Internal Security Services.

Having said that, it is important to note that Aoun has been a dilemma for Lebanon and its people. He is
regularly creating problems and causing chaos. He is an individual that can only survive during chaos.
Therefore, in order to keep himself relevant, he is constantly creating problems and launching new
senseless wars. Sometimes Aoun actually creates a fight and settles it in the same press conference
without any need for anyone else’s participation or interference. While this sounds unreal and
humorous, it is very actual and very true. It is also very harmful to the economic and security stability of
the country for since his return, Lebanon has not seen one single normal day. This is the only role that
Aoun can play and it is the only way he can be relevant on the Lebanese political scene and he knows it.

Moreover, since his appearance on the Lebanese scene, Aoun has proven to be impotent in political
leadership and incompetent in military resistance, as well as in striking alliances. Even though Hezbollah
is in dire need for Aoun’s political and Christian cover, his leadership is agitated with Aoun. This was
obvious after the Hezbollah attack on the Lebanese Army in Sujud where Hezbollah killed Army
Lieutenant Pilot Samer Hana. Hezbollah’s leadership rejected Aoun’s “question[ing] to the army’s
authority,” and his attempt to “cast doubt on the army’s intentions” for flying over Sujud. It was a clear
indication that Aoun has crossed the authority and the mission given to him by Hezbollah. Therefore,
such announcement by Hezbollah was to reprimand Aoun and to put him in his place, as a lackey, while
he has been trying to portray himself to his followers as an ally to Hasan Nasrallah with equal status
and importance.   

In brief, despite the gravity of Aoun’s cowardice act and his dishonorable AWOL on October 13, 1990,
his misconducts afterwards and the harm he has caused the Lebanese people outweigh his crime of
AWOLING. In reality, he abandoned the entire country and he destroyed all the “principles” for which the
Lebanese stand. While it is hard to define Aoun in one term, it is fair to say that he is the closest to
being a parasite who can only survive by sucking the blood of its host, which are in this case the
Lebanese people. In fact, Aoun has caused harm and destruction to the Lebanese people more than their
entire enemies have in over 30 years. He is simply the Trojan Horse of Lebanon first republic, which
brought its demise.

Nonetheless, despite the bleak situation, which Aoun has created, there is a potential solution. The 2009
elections will give the power and the opportunity to the people in order to decide which Lebanon they
want. Do they want the Lebanon of Hezbollah, Assem Qanso, Michael Aoun, and Rustom Ghazali, or do
they want the Lebanon of Bashir and Pierre Gemayel, Gebran khalil, Rafiq Hariri, Mufti Shamseldine,
Mufti Hasan Khaled, and President Camile Chamoun? The Lebanese, mainly the Christians, will decide
the direction of this nation when they cast their votes in the next parliamentary elections. We are
hopeful as we project that the Lebanese people, mainly the Christians, who suffered the most from Aoun’
s deadly blunders will have the necessary wisdom and political enlightenment to vote for the culture of
life and to bring down once and forever the destructive and painful saga of the Rabieh madman, also
known as Michael Aoun.

October 13, 2008

Pierre Maroun

Article Published on:
Global Politician     Ya Libnan     International Analyst Network