Pierre A. Maroun, an American of Lebanese descent, is a man who always believed that his word is his bond.  
A well-known Political Analyst with a keen insight into international affairs; Mr. Maroun is a multifaceted
individual who has fulfilled a myriad of crucial roles over the span of 25 years to include the following:

  • A former Adjunct Professor of Critical Thinking and Business Ethics at Southern Ohio College, Akron,
  • A former Legislative Assistant to Congressman Phil English (R-PA) at his Capitol Hill office in
    Washington DC.

A Lecturer at major US government departments, Academic and Think Tank institutions such as CENTCOM,
Mac Dill Air Force Base, the Maxwell Institute, Syracuse University NY, Kent State University, Kent Ohio, and
major US and International Conferences.

  • An International Affairs Consultant
  • The President of the American Lebanese Center for Culture and Research (ALCCR), a think tank
    institution seeking to provide reliable studies regarding the culture, political system, and history of
    Lebanon to US officials and scholars.

A Commentator and a Political Analyst with nearly 100 published studies and commentaries in various U.S.,
Middle Eastern, and other International Newspapers.

  • An Expert on Terrorism and Middle Eastern Affairs,  
  • A Consultant for numerous U.S officials on Middle Eastern Issues.
  • An Advisor for many Lebanese Statesmen on US Foreign Policy.  
  • A Peace Activist who incessantly advocates resolutions to preserve freedom and democracy via :
    Debates and Discussions, Writing, Public Speaking, Organizing, Attending and/or Moderating Political
    and Social Conferences ,and Briefings.

  • A Writer at the International Analyst Network.
  • A Frequent Guest on major U.S and International Radios and TV's such as FOX News 13, Radio WKNY
    1490 NY, Voice of Lebanon, Beirut etc.
  • Often Referenced/Quoted International press i.e. The World Security Network, Orbstandard, Global
    Politician, World Press, Turkish Weekly, and various other Newspapers.
  • An Author of a “soon to be released” Comprehensive History Book on The Assassination of the late
    Lebanese President-Elect Bashir Pierre Gemayel.

As a businessman, Mr. Maroun excelled in brokering and negotiating deals and contracts, and in networking,
especially between government owned large companies and private international corporations. Some of his
achievements are:

  • Brokered and negotiated a business deal regarding the FSHI between International Petroleum
    Investment Company (IPIC)/Aabar of the government of Abu Dhabi and Kingdom Holding Group
    Chaired by Prince AlWaleed Bin Talal Al Saud of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia.
  • Brokered and negotiated the purchase of a seat on the Board of Director at CATERPILLAR by the
    IPIC/Aabar of Abu Dhabi.
  • Brokered and negotiated a bank Guarantee between Vladislav Putin, a member of the Russian
    Federation and Tasameem of Abu Dhabi.
  • Brokered and negotiated the purchase of a United Kingdom bank by Tasameem of Abu Dhabi.
  • Brokered and negotiated the purchase of INCA refinery, located in the USA and IPIC of Abu Dhabi.
  • Brought a Dubai-based corporation to meet with Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, Congressman Bilirakis,
    and other state officials for plans to build a media complex that rival film studios in Hollywood.

Maroun is a veteran of the Lebanese war from 1981 till he immigrated to the US in 1990.

To  Contact Mr. Maroun: president@alcc-research.com
Cell: 1-786-738-1237

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